Need a Refill? No Problem!

Need a refill? Find a refill & exchange location near you using our locator below. With over 50 20# exchange locations and 30+ pumping stations, Youngstown Propane makes it easy for you to top off and stay fueled. No other part of the business at Youngstown Propane is more important to us than filling your tank, and filling it safely. We understand that transporting your tank back home can be an apprehensive process for most.  We will fill your tank safely and promptly and advise you how to secure it for the ride home.

Why Fill at Youngstown Propane?

  • Convenient locations - Canfield & Austintown
  • Fast, prompt service
  • Get a full tank
  • Have your own tank, no need to exchange
  • Less expensive than other fill stations
  • 30 years in the propane industry