Propane for Forklifts & Industrial Trucks

  • Less emission than Diesel or Gasoline.
  • No down time (recharge time)
  • Consistent, long lasting performance
  • No loss of torque or horsepower
  • 50 cent/gallon tax incentive 


In the business world, time is money, and propane vehicles are the most time saving vehicle on the market.  Propane vehicles offer consistent power 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Propane is a necessity for warehouse and factories. Because propane is a clean burning fuel source, there are no harmful effects imposed on workers and forklift operators from using propane. These forklifts are equipped with on-board tanks capable of storing enough propane to last 8 hours.  Propane powered lifts can be used outdoors without being harmed unlike electric forklifts.

When compared with electric, gas, and diesel forklifts, propane saves money, and has a lower purchase price. Propane forklifts have been shown to offer superior performance to electric forklifts, able to push, pull, and lift heavy loads up and down inclines for longer periods of time, and have a higher ground speed.

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