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Alfresco Home is a wholesale designer of a fresh new line of original interior and exterior home and garden accents. Alfresco Home's casual furnishings and accents help Youngstown Propane bring together their indoor and outdoor living products.

Offering a wide selection of fashionable products, from casual furniture and garden accents to beautifully hand crafted glazed terra cotta, the new Alfresco Home helps Youngstown Propane offer a complete line of interior and exterior living products, enabling the retailer to expand sales and increase repeat traffic.

"You see the lines between indoor and outdoor blurring," says Cilio. "The trend today is about blending interior and exterior decor, connecting the inside of the home with the outdoors and enjoying the lifestyle of alfresco living."

Cilio says Alfresco Home grew out of the need to help retailers further develop these concepts by expanding their casual home decor offerings with some great products at a great value. Alfresco Home offers the elements that make the outdoors more comfortable and stylish.

"My sense and firsthand experience is that people want the outside to be an extension of their home in a comfortable, stylish and relaxed atmosphere," he says. "We want to step outside the home and get a sense we are still in it. Or we want to move the outside in and make us feel we are still outside, even though it is January."

Calling on more than 17 years in marketing and sales with Campania International, Cilio is designing some of the products himself as well as working directly with companies in Europe and Asia for quality indoor-outdoor home décor products that offer a great price point. Cilio is developing product lines that work together to complete the outdoor-indoor living experience.

"The beauty of the Alfresco Home concept is that it allows retailers to expand sales into all four seasons," he says. "Patio furniture sells in February and July whereas our Tuscan series of indoor pottery is great for the entire season."

Cilio says Alfresco Home, which he describes as a "boutique" design and distribution company, was created to make it easier for garden centers, casual furniture stores, and home decor retailers to fulfill the expanding needs of today's consumers. Based on his experience, Cilio saw a need for a single source for home décor products that work both inside and outside the home.

"We'll do the leg work, search for or design the quality products at a good value and then bring the best of the best to our customers," he explains. "This way, buyers can come to Alfresco Home for one-stop shopping, eliminating the need to specialize in dozens of different product lines to expand their current offerings."

Cilio says that adding some chic home décor pieces breathes new life to the traditional store and gives customers a reason to skip going to the big box stores. "To keep the customers from going to Lowes, independents need to be more like an ‘outdoor living boutique' where customers can find a good value and buy unique products or gifts for the home, pick up something hip to use when entertaining, and, of course, find great plants.

"Alfresco Home's retail partners are benefiting from the new indoor-outdoor enthusiasm, which leads to return visits of both loyal and new customers in the fall and holiday season as they search for more products for the home and for gifts. "I personally am thrilled about the new possibilities Alfresco Home can bring to retailers throughout the county."

Alfresco Home is distributed through a network of seasoned quality representatives like Youngstown Propane.



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