Hearthstone Wood Burning Stoves at Youngstown Propane


Hearthstone Stoves are made by people who take great pride in their work. Youngstown Propane loves Hearthstone Stoves. There’s no assembly line – just a keen understanding of the need for efficiency and functionality. As well as the desire for stunning presentations that can serve as the centerpiece of a room.

Each and every Hearthstone stove is crafted to the highest standards. Materials are the finest, strongest and most durable available. Manufacturing practices are unparalleled in the industry. For example, our baked enamel finishes are fired to 1,500 degrees to provide Hearthstone’s signature luster and shine, and for the greatest chip and tarnish resistance. All secondary air tubes are constructed of durable stainless steel, to resist corrosion and provide a lifetime of service.

All Hearthstone woodstoves are non-catalytic, making them easier to operate and maintain. Additionally, various exclusive design features make them easy to load and clean... all of which makes Hearthstone woodstoves extremely reliable and maintenance free. The air wash system built into every stove prevents the window glass from fogging or discoloring - making the large windows "self-cleaning" to maximize your view of the gently flickering flames. Our Pellet stove is the cleanest burning large heating capacity model available at 1.3 gph of particulates.

We combine time-tested craftsmanship and materials with the latest heating technology to ensure our stoves are clean-burning and efficient. We take great pride in the fact that our own environmental standards exceed even the strictest EPA guidelines.

The Hearthstone brand is an assurance – a guarantee that your appliance is built in the rich tradition of our company, and will serve you faithfully for years to come. A Hearthstone stove represents not only the latest in aesthetic advances, but also the utmost in powerful heating technology. It’s this integrity that gives Hearthstone Stoves their unmatched appeal, and has for over 30 years.

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